The moment you meet RECLAR, 
 your skin changes to dazzle 

RECLAR-S Galvanic ion Water Peeling Device

Product Detail

  • Product
  • Achieved the function,
    performance and even the
  • Home aesthetic skin care
    treatment device
  • RECLAR has been
    reborn as RECLAR. product
  • Existing 99% pure gold plating
    has been changed to stainless
    steel while maintaining its
    eatures and performances


  • Even if you use the expensive skincare
    products, if pores are blocked, it will only
    be left out!
  • Even if pores are empty, if it does not
    hydrate the inside, it only lasts dry!

The basics of skin care that empty and fill


title3 Functions of RECLAR-S

  • Peeling

    My little aesthetics that care for my skin only with water!
    Daily use of Ultrasonic micro vibrations will make your skin radiant without irritation.

  • Galvanic

    Using -, + electric current, it infiltrates the nourishment of skincare products deep
    into your skin and helps retain moisture.

  • G-Blue, G-Red

    The Blue light soothes upset skin, and the Red light helps skin firm and bright

product detail

titleHow to use RECLAR (3 steps)

  1. Step1

    After cleansing (with no oil left), push face to the opposite direction
    without removing the remaining moisture from face.
    Turn on the product and press the button once to set peeling mode,
    and lightly move face as if you are shaking off the moisture.
    (until no moisture left on the face)


  2. Step2

    After the first peeling, refresh skin with toner and apply serum as
    well as essence lotion. Turn on the product and press the button
    twice to set G-Blue mode, and lightly adhere the blade onto the
    applied skincare product. (Until the product is thoroughly absorbed)


  3. Step3

    After the 2nd G-Blue, apply the last skincare product (cream),
    turn on the product, and press the button 3 times to set G-Red
    mode. Then do the same as step 2 until the applied skincare
    product is thoroughly absorbed.


titleWe recommend RECLAR to the skin types below

  • skin types


    Your skin is uneven, and you have blackheads and whiteheads.

  • skin types


    You don’t have a clean feeling after a cleansing, and your skin is irritated when peeling with skincare products.

  • skin types


    Your skin doesn’t take make up well, and is always dry even when applied with skincare products.

  • skin types


    You feel burdensome with expensive aesthetic care.