The moment you meet RECLAR, 
 your skin changes to dazzle 

RECLAR Magic Finger

Product Detail


“Saggy and sensitive eye area,
you need consistent care!”

Visibly increasing under-eye bags/Wrinkles caused by aging


  • Frequent
  • Stress
  • Lack of

Unhealthy lifestyle makes your facial muscles and elasticity


The wise remedy is daliy care
  • 40-degree heat

    Relieves under-eye swelling
    It improves the effects of the massage with the
    right temperature and improves under-eye bags and
    dark circles, bringing vitality back to the eye area.

  • Micro vibration

    Improves blood circulation in the eye area and
    the required area
    Micro vibrations wake up the nerves of the eye,
    improving blood circulation and the signs of fatigue
    around the eyes.

  • Microcurrent

    Helps absorb eye cream
    Micro vibrations wake up the nerves of the eye,
    improving blood circulation and the signs of fatigue
    around the eyes.

No matter how good the functions and
effects are, it is useless if inconvenient to use.

Addictively good usability that can be
used anytime, anywhere

product good usability example
  • Smart On-off

    It is a Smart On-off system where it is automatically turned on when the finger and contact area are properly contacted. There is no button, so you don't need to worry about malfunction no matter where you keep it.

  • Optimal angle

    With the bio-massage head of a 45 degree angle, which is the optimal Usability, you can enjoy the comfortable massage around the eye and the required area.

  • Optimal grip

    The luxurious design of UV matt white in color and a gentle grip that fits into your hand will give you a comfortable usability.

Instructions to use the
RECLAR magic finger that
anyone can easily follow:

  • Apply eye cream on eye area

    Apply a moderate amount of eye cream around your eyes.

  • Massage both eye areas

    Hold the finger-contacting area and slowly roll it from inside to outside on the eye area and the required area (with your eyes gently closed)

  • Massage between eye areas

    Gently press the eye areas shown in the image for 10 seconds per area. (Repeat 2-3 times)

  • Massage under eyes

    Massage under the eyes about 3-5 times drawing a circle (moving to one side)

Precautions on using
RECLAR Magic Finger:

  1. Do not share one product with others
  2. Wipe off any cosmetics and contamination remained on the product after use.
  3. Keep the product out of the reach of children
  4. This product is a battery type, so please remove the battery when not to be used for a long time.
  5. Dropping in water or severe physical impact could result in malfunction.
  6. Consequences for not familiarizing with the user manual is not subject to compensation.

How to use the inserted
battery of RECLAR Magic

How to use
  • Push with force as indicated on the mark in the bottom
  • Remove the plastic film wrapped at the end of the battery
  • The battery may have been inserted in a way that its film is not unwrapped easily during the production process, so check this again before use.
  • After removing the film, check the battery is fully fitted and close the lid. (Opposite to opening the lid)

RECLAR Magic Finger

Product composition

A/S Policies of RECL
AR Magic Finger:

  1. A/S is free of charge within 6 months of purchase, and the paid A/S is applicable after that.
  2. When the open sticker on the product case is removed, exchange or return is not available for the reason of the buyer’s simple remorse.
  3. Exchange or return is available within 10 days of purchase if the product does not operate properly. However, if the product is normal, any request for exchange or refund may be rejected.
  4. Exchange or return is available within 10 days of purchase if the opening sticker on the product case is not removed, and, in this case, a round delivery cost maybe billed or credited from the refundable amount.